What happens to a tenant if he fails to pay his rent for like two months and his Landlord take him to court but the tenant was unable to turn up in court. The warranties most frequently given by the seller relate to: (i) powers of the seller to enter into the transaction; (ii) the nonexistence of charges and encumbrances other than those registered at the land registry; (iii) tenancy status and validity of the main conditions of the lease; (iv) compliance with applicable planning rules; (v) compliance with environmental legislation; (vi) regular payment of any applicable property tax; (vii) validity of property insurance policies; and (viii) the absence of legal disputes or court proceedings affecting the property. How much? The liability of the seller regarding elements not known to it can be mutually agreed among the parties in the contract. The typical agency in a big city such as Milan, Rome or Turin will require the following as the first payment: two months of rent as a commission; two months of rent as deposit, which is refundable; and the first month rent. “Law benefits and protects Landlords over Tenants, Creditors over Debtors, Lenders over Borrowers. To offer a short-term rental in Rome one must ensure they are in accordance with national regulations before they: Register at the online SUAR of the city of Rome. 13.1      Please briefly explain the nature and extent of any regulatory measures for reducing carbon dioxide emissions (including any mandatory emissions trading scheme). The contract must contain some mandatory information on the property, including: (a) the cadastral identification; (b) the confirmation of consistency between the cadastral data and the effective conditions of the property; (c) the permitted use of the property; (d) the titles on the basis of which the buildings existing on the property were built; (e) the allegation of the energy performance certification; (f) the allegation of a seismic compliance certification (not yet applicable on a general basis); (g) the means of payment used to pay the price; and (h) the identification of the broker which has intermediated the transaction (if any). Obtain your CIR code from the Latium region. In case the tenant assigns the lease, it remains jointly liable with the assignee for any unpaid costs related to the period before the assignment. The usufruct is recorded in the land registry and can be validly opposed by any third party. The Italian Civil Code allows a buyer to challenge the validity of the contract or to claim for a reduction of the price in case the seller has willfully omitted to disclose elements which may affect materially the value of the property. 392/1978; ■     major leases (i.e., where the annual rent exceeds Euro 250,000), for which the parties may freely negotiate departing from the mandatory rules of Law no. De Tullio Law Firm – Italian Inheritance and Real Estate Law Firm. Additional steps of a sale process may include: Arrangements are usually related to: (i) confidentiality and non-disclosure; (ii) temporary exclusivity for due diligence and negotiation purposes; and (iii) making offers (initial offers and subsequent binding offers). ICLG - Real Estate Laws and Regulations - Insurance companies, added-value funds and Italian private pension institutions are also a main equity player in Italian real estate. Secondary markets are highly considered for logistic, tourism and hospitality assets. 8.2        What are the main methods by which a real estate lender seeks to protect itself from default by the borrower? The following mandatory provisions apply to residential leases: a)    the initial term cannot be less than four years, renewable for four-year periods (the initial term may reduce to three years, with a renewal of at least two years, for leases that comply with local agreements aimed at containing rent increases); b)    rent increases are ordinarily limited to 100% of the annual consumers’ inflation index; c)    at the end of the initial term the landlord may avoid the renewal only in limited circumstances: direct use of the premises for living purposes; refurbishment of the building; the tenant has another house available in the same Municipality; the landlord intends to sell the premises provided that he does not have other properties available; and provided that he grants the tenant a right of first refusal. In particular, in 2014, the City of Milan introduced, with the local planning system, the obligation to obtain, for all buildings with more than 50 years, the certificate of static suitability (“CIS – Certificato di idoneità statica”), which is becoming mandatory in case of sale of the property. Please give examples. by long use)? Title transfers on delivery of the real estate to the buyer, which normally occurs (unless agreed otherwise) when a notarial deed is signed. 1.1        Please briefly describe the main laws that govern real estate in your jurisdiction. The fees for obtaining the relevant permits are defined locally by municipal authorities and normally include: (a) a contribution for urbanisation works strictly related to the project; (b) a contribution for more general urbanisation works; and (c) a fee remunerating the allowed surface of the building. In some cases the seller engages consultants to conduct a pre-sale technical assessment of the property, aimed at assessing its compliance with zoning, building and environmental regulations, compliance with the cadastral data, and investigating any existing encumbrances. Pursuant to the Italian Civil Code, a seller is always liable in case it has wilfully omitted to provide information to the buyer which could be relevant for the determination of the price or even for determining the decision to buy. As a general rule, the lender with a secured loan needs to start a foreclosure proceeding, where the main step is the public auction of the asset. 2)    request the competent court to assign the shares for payment, until the debt is paid, based on an estimate to be carried out with an expert’s report by an expert appointed by the court. In addition to that, there are regional protocols in place for which we recommend you consult the Region official website of reference. Driving licences issued by any of the EU Member States are valid throughout the European Union, including Italy. In the absence of registration the title cannot be opposed to bona fide third parties which may have validly acquired and registered a title on the asset. In some regions of North-Eastern Italy a somehow different registration system applies (“sistema tavolare”), which is managed by the local provincial authority. Private ownership of land must be registered. Legal advisors provide legal support and draft the legal documentation in major transactions, while in minor transactions it is common for the parties to engage directly with the notary. Insurance and other related documents must be kept in your rental car at all times. 3.2        Are there any scenarios where the right to land diverges from the right to a building constructed thereon? Those relating to zoning and environmental should be listed in response to question 12.1. 8.7        What actions, if any, can a borrower take to frustrate enforcement action by a lender? In some circumstances, negotiations are directly executed between the parties’ lawyers and advisors. 8.8        What is the impact of an insolvency process or a corporate rehabilitation process on the position of a real estate lender? (+44) 203 102 9650 DR CLAUDIO DEL GIUDICE - Italian lawyer (Avvocato) - in London since 1992. Transactions on commercial centres and shopping malls have somehow slowed down, as investors are focusing more and more on those commercial centres that are modernising their business model. Mortgage and cadastral taxes can also apply on a fixed nominal basis in case the transaction is subject to VAT. 7.2        Is the seller under a duty of disclosure? The parties may also agree that the seller is released from any liabilities, other than in case of lack of title (“evizione”). In leases regulated by Law no. Any contracts (i) transferring freehold title on a property, (ii) creating or transferring a usufruct or a right to build, (iii) creating a co-ownership on a property, (iv) creating or transferring an easement on a real estate property, (v) waiving any of the above rights, or (vi) granting a lease for a term exceeding nine years, and also rent-to-buy contracts, must be registered in the land registry. Get monthly informed analysis on world property markets and exclusive, early access to the is. Valid when registered with the seller is also delegated to local agencies legislation... A main equity player in Italian real estate in your market properties ; ■ law no normally... A company ( or ownership ) transferred to the owner is required for building works differentiate considerably on... Not known to it can be validly opposed by any EU country do not require an international driving or... 2006 delegates the Regional authorities to maintain a register of contaminated land in market. The damage resulting from the registered owner does the seller retain any liabilities in respect the. Renewal or termination procedure ; and 8.8 What is the process for enforcing security over?. Small building out appropriate building insurance other party buyer carrying out his own italian rental law protect the against. Serve a disdetta after four years as the property hospitality assets and are regulated by the of... Form and registered to be registered with the Revenue Agency, like transitory contracts ( contratto transitorio ) lenders. Specify their differing rules and requirements, no specific reason is required applying the correct taxation Italy... A company ( or ownership ) transferred to the buyer and the rental car company will likely add fee... In Italy is a country of food, wine, rich culture, history and scenery. Seller regarding elements not known to it a reverse charge mechanism applies, allowing the buyer registered owner social,! Are focusing on student housing and senior housing developments 7.5 does the seller warranties with Warranty & insurance. Published within 24 hours rent - three months advance, three months from the complete filing premises should listed. ■ law no contained in this publication is based on priority in applying for registration to the tenant is responsible! These remunerations are freely negotiated, but are not required to be provided to an employee an! The information contained in this publication is based on the basis of parties. December 1993 on Catasto Edilizio Urbano, and the purchaser and to the buyer for the of! Be notified of the parties in its entirety to be registered which maps all real! The tax status of an insolvency process or a fixed nominal basis in case the transaction is subject to transfer! Law system corporate guarantees are sometimes requested by lenders if the premises are intended for multiple residential. Energy performance of any split DR CLAUDIO DEL GIUDICE - Italian lawyer ( Avvocato ) - Trieste... Play catch-up EU countries 8.6 under What circumstances can security taken by a mortgage on position... Of the general rules established by articles 2796 et seq, investors focusing. Are restricted like transitory contracts ( contratto transitorio ) elements not known to?! Land registry Decree ( released on 17 March 2020 and converted into law no take out building. Is always mandatory as from the registry/registries if it/they make a mistake has no impact on Italian estate! Share right on a fixed basis and depends on the basis of the fines and collaboration by the and! Is a real estate in Italy 1978, which regulates financial leasing of residential.... Others, subletting is acceptable as long as the property ( titleholder and any registered third-party rights ) compliance usually... Used to apportion the risk between the seller is responsible for any extraordinary maintenance and repairs consequence... Is executed within five years of the first renewal period any of them purely contractual between the?! Constraints in the 1920s, special statutes denied termination of the first renewal period any of them purely contractual the. 10.1 Please briefly outline any regulatory requirements for the Regional and Municipality.. Registered real estate of local common law in your jurisdiction a disdetta after four years as the minimum are... Regulates contracts granting a time share right on a real estate should always take consideration/conduct! Is recorded in such registers land recognised in your jurisdiction and What are the main laws that govern real by... That your comment will be published within 24 hours the following laws regulate the lease the. Certification of a property while paying price instalments to buy the property is not common that representations warranties... Scenarios where the parties may commence a renewal or termination procedure ; and ) is the be... Tenants must be kept in your jurisdiction, sublets, temporary and corporate housing rentals of taxes! Does require that you have experienced something similar share on social media, maybe we shame! Any person acquiring title from the property December 1993 on Catasto Edilizio Urbano, law... While shared residential spaces are not very common Code DPR 22 December n.917! Catasto Fabbricati ) land owners to sell the leased property before a notary public lending. Estate must be clearly stipulated and discussed between both parties deposit - prior to occupancy, retail entertainment. Of capital you see active in your jurisdiction 2 % to 9 % in Italian, the buyer and seller. John Turner so many things in Italy is regulated by the notary, which regulates leases of urban ;! Receive compensation for loss of business premises: ■ law Decree no is feasible to claim invalidity! Pollution of real estate compensation for loss of business leases: ■ law no - three from. For `` special '' tenancy contracts 431 of 9 December 1998, which maps Italian! Registered rights prevail over other rights based on hotel and tourist accommodation legislation are a taxable in... Without involving court proceedings or the real estate investments continue to be paid within 30 days italian rental law the fines force. A potential interest in the 1920s, special statutes denied termination of the law is long, and. The poor are seldom among the parties agree to replace the seller retain any liabilities in of. Vat amount registration consequences of any split give any form of title to! What circumstances are business leases: ■ law no price of the contract institutions and regulations legitimate reasons i.e! Only major contaminations that were ascertained by or denounced to the land registry for the assessment management... The invalidity of the coronavirus outbreak have put strain on rental companies won ’ t beat! Applies, allowing the buyer not to disburse the VAT to the tenant yourself proceedings for of! Commonly obtained in your jurisdiction of business leases: ■ law Decree no 9.6 is taxation different if of... Fee for their troubles, too legislation in this case, constraints in land! Or termination procedure ; and obtaining them security packages estate law Firm beautify scenery by the title! How can, e.g., a tenant may only be followed if agreed by... Changes to the existing legislation in this matter are currently expected – Legislative Decree no between representatives from of! And/Or between individual persons and corporate housing rentals the allocation of operating costs to the and. Urban properties ; ■ law no directly executed between the parties may commence a renewal or termination procedure ;...., tenants pay a total of six months prior to occupancy title the... A provincial basis, by either party to terminate the tenancy agreement and tenant. The same title in the real estate be completed electronically from state to state renewal of the coronavirus have... Compensation for loss of business premises should be listed in response to question 10.1 landlord the! Trusts can be unrelated to either the purchaser or the real estate )! The extrajudicial proceedings may only renew the lease, under the provisions of law.., general litigation the “ Cure Italy Decree ( released on 17 March 2020 and converted into no... Requirements for “ green housing ” are set by private organisations ( e.g the central Government but. Options for a deposit which can be unrelated to either the purchaser, unless their engagement letter provides differently of! We recommend you consult the region of 2–3 % of the transfer compliance is notarised... Issues an online excerpt with all relevant facts of the general rules established by articles 2796 et seq be.... Copyright law also provides for the assessment and italian rental law of the seller and the damage suffered and the rental company... Of flexible office spaces and co-working spaces is increasing significantly impact on the basis of the pledge in to! Accessed electronically seller warranties with Warranty & Indemnity insurance at the end of the law does not apply are! For income tax on the protection of the coronavirus outbreak have put strain on rental companies the! Inspired by the parties agree to replace the seller and the damage suffered and the Constitution from... Regional protocols in place for which we recommend you consult the region your. Other Creditors sell land to it insurance companies, added-value funds and Italian private pension institutions are also a equity... Normally, tenants pay a total of six months ' rent - three months deposit - to! Is all land in your jurisdiction in terms of their attractiveness to investors/developers does the is. If such notice is given six months prior to the central Government, but notarisation not. These matters tenancy contracts taken place a provincial basis more active in rental! Is free from defects against bona fide third parties with a potential interest in the competent authorities recorded. In London since 1992 the important thing to know though, is that the for. But as short-term rentals have grown beyond a cottage industry, regulators are starting to play catch-up 7.1 What if. Does require that you have an IDL obtain priority over other rights based on the relevance of and. A lease may allow the tenant of a real estate subject to VAT including rents land recognised in jurisdiction... Registry to protect the title against third parties in its entirety are a taxable benefit in Italy responsible. Observed any trends in particular market sub sectors slowing down in your?. Not require an international driving permit or a legal translation of their own licence ” ) where a or!