1. The Georgia Guidestones were erected in March of 1980, some think as a clear message to humanity to basically get our act together. The Georgia Guidestones may be the most enigmatic monument in the US: huge slabs of granite, inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. AND AMERICA Conspiracy Theorist Van Smith says the Guidestones were the pet project of a white supremacist from Iowa who sought to establish a totalitarian one-world government. 5. so Im going to let some anonymous cowards tell my children whether they can or cant have children and so on? Yet are people not part of nature? The Georgia Guidestones. To this day, the true owners and financial backers have not been publicly disclosed. Sweet. because it is written to dead know nothing and will know nothing until Jesus returns any spirit that speaks to you other than Holy Spirit especially if it’s a dark shadow is evil so your Grandma’s not going to come back and talk to you that’s not to say God won’t speak to you through Holy Spirit but it will never be anything bad EVER! They each weigh more than 20 tons. The Guidestones are the New World Order’s Ten Commandments. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.5. But not the Ten Commandments. 2. A ground marker west of the Guidestones provides additional data and covers a buried time capsule. The estimates believed that if a Nuclear holocaust happened that only 10- 15% of the world would survive. this is no coincidence and it’s not because all of a sudden American people have went crazy!!! Please do us all a favour and knock yourself out. AND I SPEAK FROM TRUTH “JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT AND NO ONE, NOT EVEN ONE, CAN COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM AND THROUGH HIS NAME” – THROUGH DECLARING THAT HE IS THE SON OF GOD, THAT HE DID COME TO DIE FOR OUR SINS, THAT HE DIED FOR OUR SINS AND ROSE ON THE THIRD DAY, AND WHEN HE DID RISE ON THAT THIRD DAY, HE GAVE BACK POWER AND DOMINION OF THE EARTH TO US. The fourth message about controlling passion with reason seems sensible enough. Who decides what is “essential” services? By who’s determination? The henge was built with six granite slabs weighing 237,746 pounds. Were did we go wrong? I wish all Americans would stop being controlled and THINK! Begin your research. THE SUPER SAD THING IS HOW MANY ORGANIZATIONS HAVE BEEN FORMED INCLUDING CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE TIED TO THE ILLUMINATI HAVE ALL BEEN DECEIVED IN CERTAIN WAYS I’LL MAKE MY POINT AGAIN GOD SAID “BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY” IT IS SATAN WHO HAS DECEIVED PEOPLE INTO THINKING POPULATION CONTROL IS EVEN NECESSARY BECAUSE GUESS WHAT, YOU SAY “OH THERE’S SHORTAGE OF THIS. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Except that it doesn’t mean science – it means science that’s approved by the ruling elite. Instead, Mr. Christian agreed to the price. If I claimed to be elite, and commanded you to obey me, would you? Killing 94% of the population is evil enough. These slabs surround a central slab and a final slab sits on top of them all as a capstone. Go get vaxxed, crackhead! Best Order to Watch the Marvel Movies Through 2019. Well Sho’lin… To answer your stupid question.. THE GUILLOTINE ! So we are halfway there. Facebook, YouTube, etc, just remove the offending material right now. The Guidestones are indeed shrouded in mystery and no one knows who built them, though researchers have their suspicions. The text in English states the following: 1. Is there a nuclear holocaust in our future? It seems your interpretation is too severe, lacks perspective and unfair. SMACK!!! And that is never mentioned, because people so want to believe in it. Seems you have a way with words and kinda get the big picture. Plus if you look at the history of the Masons and every other secret organization that’s tied to the Illuminati or the knights Templars the Illuminati are actually Satan worshipers. The ten messages say: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. WOULD KNOW IT IS WRITTEN “GOD FED THE ISRAELITES FOR 40 YEARS. 2. It’s right in front of us…if you love God, your Country, your family and fellow Americans you might have to defend it like our brave forefathers did and I pray we have their courage and hope for peace on earth. The Guidestones were purposely designed to track the sun’s east-west migration year-round. In 2009, a man stole a 6-inch cube of granite from the top of one of the Guidestones. The Pharaohs of our time… The guidelines are subject to other interpretations based on a more fair, wiser meaning for some of the words. In addition, Egyptian hieroglyphics and classical Greek are written into the capstone. Killuminati or illuminati? PUNK! We still have many women having 5-10 children. The Guidestones were designed to withstand catastrophic events. WHERES THEIR PRIDE FOR THEIR LOVELY IDEAS AND WORK?? Seated at the highest point in the entire county, the monument was precisely engineered to track the movements of the sun and stars. The huge blocks send a message out to the world in eight different current langu… You dont deserve clean air to breathe. WE SAID!! Kate it would be better for all of us if you took your own advice and rid the world of such a nasty person. Billy boy Gates with zero medical education or training will help accomplish this goal with his devil juice aka Covid-19 vaccine. Georgia Guidestones Ptkfgs/Public Domain In June of 1979, a man going by the pseudonym of R.C. Honestly, u make that statement with no idea of who the people that erected the stones are and what their agenda is. *cough*cough” I’m already dying from breathing in my own FUMES ALL DAY LONG FROM THESE 97% IN EFFECTIVE MASKS, IM MANDATED TO WEAR So would BILL GATES whom I’d personally like to kick in his face! While European languages like English, Spanish, French, etc. It can speak life or it can speak death” anyone can test it!! The theory given by the author is very narrow minded. I’d like to see antifa or the black lives matter pillage these off the face of the earth! Look into fall of Cabal… ties to Kabbalah RC Christian follow the website… classes begin online 2020. I totally agree with Susan Lea. :( And for that, just like in those high suspense “thriller” espionage conspiracy-type movies that we’ve seen, it’s not beyond reason to be fearful of such people and events. Also known as the American Stonehenge, the gigantic structure is almost 20 feet high and is made of six granite slabs, weighing in total 240,000 pounds. But current events offer a reason to pause and consider. Brenda, this entire comment is an opinion and offers no fact for logical rebuttal. Add it to your Georgia road trip itinerary! 250 million years ago or 65 million years ago when Dinosaurs died. The site is located at 1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, GA. I know it sounds ludicrous but do your research b4 dismissing it. They won’t show themselves, because the crowd would hate them. And remember, you have no individual rights. Although they are not numbered on the monument itself, they are presented in this order in every language: The Guidestones are located in far eastern Georgia, about 30 miles from the college town of Athens and 90 miles from Atlanta, where the closest major airport—which also happens to be the world’s busiest airport—is located. We need to have a “French Revolution” and a guillotine ready for all those who think we have the right to kill and control humans, a recurring theme of the rich and powerful and crazy. I would imagine this was built by the Atlanta Chapter of the AMORC. The rest of the truth is that it may be too late when we do. The following ten messages are inscribed on one of the structure’s giant slabs. Only problem is that we currently have 7.8 Billion people on the planet. Georgia Guidestones inscriptions on the Guidestones are meant for current and future generations. Just because you interpret these writings as some kind of new world order doesn’t make it true. Supposedly, B.F. Coggins, an extremely wealthy and powerful granite and real estate magnate in Elberton, Georgia, has in his company’s possession a Rosicrucian document describing the Georgia Guidestones monument as some sort of portal. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.3. Georgia Guidestones Say 2014 is When The Oligarchs Want Depopulation To Begin? Georgia guidestones location: On one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia stands this huge granite monument. 5. And they convinced u of this so Sheeple will actually defend their depopulation plans… Honestly you are absolute gold to these people doing their work for them even! THERE’S SHORTAGE OF THAT. So good for the earth! I SUGGEST YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM AND DEFINITELY NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.6. This is spot on. So, remember, the result would be no elected officials. I totally agree! Located in northeastern Georgia the rocks are each 16 feet tall, with four of them weighing more than 20 tons apiece, supporting a 25,000-pound capstone. From what I can see, my belief is leaning toward good-intending civilians, possibly descendants of Druidism. Well as of 10/04/2020, humans are destroying themselves with 1 Million People Have Died from the Coronavirus Worldwide with More Than 33 Million Global Cases. YOU, SOUND LIKE YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM, DO US ALL A FAVOUR THEN. The media and the social media today blatantly disallow and remove all words that are not in the allowed common thought. Nice round number I suppose. He says this proves that the planners intended the Burj Khalifa to be the new Tower of Babel that would usher in “the dawning of a new era in which man can become God.”. The text is in English, Swahili, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Hindi. Purposely placed in nature’s grasp, undisturbed by city life, this massive monument has an alarming message to convey to the world. It says that all mankind will be ONE, happy, and united. So what is written on the Georgia Guidestones and what do they say about our global future? Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity. At the heart of those tensions: tens of thousands of nuclear warheads, an arsenal of destruction aimed at each other’s throats and more than capable of bringing civilization down in a mass of radioactive rubble. During an equinox or solstice, those who stand at the west side of a “mail slot” carved into the Guidestones can see the sunrise over the horizon. *IT IS ONLY THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS THAT WE ARE MADE RIGHTEOUS BEFORE GOD THE FATHER AND THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN IS BY CONFESSING JESUS’ LORD, ASKING JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART TO BE YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, & THROUGH REPENTING FOR YOUR SIN AND UN-RIGHTEOUSNESS, ASKING HIM, JESUS, TO FORGIVE YOUR SIN AND UNRIGHTEOUSNESS – PAST AND PRESENT, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, AND THEN TO CLEANSE YOU OF THAT SIN AND UN- RIGHTEOUSNESS, PAST, PRESENT, KNOWN, AND UNKNOWN – WITH HIS PRECIOUS, RIGHTEOUS BLOOD.” BUT THIS SHOULD BE DONE DAILY BECAUSE WE SIN DAILY BUT IT MUST BE DONE THROUGH JESUS NOT THROUGH A PRIEST! Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments. Drone footage appears to show bloodstains on the uppermost slab of the iconic Georgia Guidestones, the monumental landmark studied by conspiracy theorists and curious persons alike. Nearby. Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity. I was looking for this story and I found your site. WEBSITE: https://lukesmith.xyz DONATE NOW: https://lukesmith.xyz/donate Perhaps World War III while the ruling elite wait it out in their underground bunkers? (5) Meant for the survivors of the Global Apocalypse. Balancing rights with social duties may be the clearest demand for a global, socialist dictatorship. IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION IT TALKS ABOUT ONE OF THE FINAL BATTLES BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH OR GOD AND SATAN, GOOD VS. This isn’t printed on the stones. The Georgia Guidestones are almost twice as tall as Stonehenge. AND I’M NOT SAYING THIS TO OFFEND ANY CATHOLICS IF YOU COMPARE THE CATHOLIC BIBLE TO KING JAMES, NEW KING JAMES, NIV, NLT, AMERICAN STANDARD, ENGLISH AMERICAN STANDARD, AMPLIFIED, CLASSIC AMPLIFIED, ETC BIBLES, YOU’LL FIND THAT UNFORTUNATELY THE CATHOLICS HAVE CHANGED THE TEN COMMANDMENTS WHICH IS WHY THEY USE THE CATHOLIC CATECHISM BUT ALSO THE CATHOLICS CHANGED THE DAY OF THE SABBATH FROM SATURDAY TO SUNDAY, WHICH MAN DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO! DO YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHT PROCESS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH? Some say it’s mysterious, others say it’s sinister. PLEEEEEASE MAKE THE STUPID PEOPLE SHUT UP!!!! What I mean at the end where I said because he is the only Savior and upon his return every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord I’m referring to Jesus obviously so all these secret organizations the elitist Illuminati devil worshipers Satan worshipers whatever those who don’t believe in jesus. Each inscription is riddled with poor grammar. The Georgia Guidestones dominate the highest elevation in the county, which is located in the northeastern Piedmont section of the state. And they are not patient in waiting for the reduction in population. Conspiracy theorists feel differently and there are a multitude of theories. Each individual will be his own master and be respected in the eyes of the law and in the core beliefs of the nation. JUST LIKE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS SAYS “THOU SHALT NOT WORSHIP ANY GRAVEN IMAGE,” WHICH MEANS IDOLS, BUT THAT’S NOT IN THE CATHOLIC TEN COMMANDMENTS. This video is of the Georgia Guidestones!! C. Christian” appeared at a granite company in nearby Elberton, GA one day requesting a quote on the project. It might take 50 to 100 years to reduce the population on the Earth significantly, but it would be a start n the right direction. The registration number is 45045-190091 / A, and it can be found at this link: Or leaving room for nature? What to do Georgia Guidestones say? The four granite slabs are each 16 feet, 4 inches tall. The Georgia Guidestones have four huge granite walls, and on each side of the walls are a set of guidelines, or commandments, that are carved into the stone in 8 different languages. Then we have natural catastrophes, were we are responsible for the increase in numbers. But if you in particular have a need, if that need doesn’t fit with the global expectation, then you will be ignored or in some cases die or be killed. 3. The guidelines also suggest that people are a cancer on the earth. Seattle-based conspiracist Jay Weidner says the Guidestones were created by Rosicrucians, who believe that a solar event comes every 13,000 years to devastate Earth. Hey guys, sorry it took so long to upload this video. Standing in the remote location of Elbert County, Georgia resides what is known as the American Stonehenge, or the Georgia Guidestones. How they get there isn’t revealed. Unite humanity with a living new language. A tablet in front of the monument declares “LET THESE BE GUIDESTONES TO AN AGE OF REASON.” It’s kind of hard to be reasonable when you’re talking about wiping out 90% of the planet’s inhabitants, though? No one knows who paid for the construction of the Georgia Guidestones, nor what exactly is meant by the strange messages engraved on them. To the cull supporters, the planet can support 12-14 billion right now. This is not about America…it’s about the world. Admission is free and parking is available. These families who own ALL the media, ALL the banks, All the politicians, All big pharma regard you and I as tax paying cattle. Thank you for your wise and intelligent comments. So right here it proves we did not evolve from other creatures because each was made according to its kind so if you believe in evolution here’s your answer! The Georgia Guidestones is an enigmatic granite monument situated in Elbert County, Georgia. God help us if we applaud the “reduction” of mankind to 500,000,000. At noon every day, a reading of where the sunbeam hits the center column allows one to pinpoint the exact day of the year. 1031 Guide Stones Road Elberton, Georgia, 30635 United States. The slabs read like globalist ambition as pursued by counterfeit Jews (Khazar descendants like Rothschilds) and their allies, the Black Nobility represented by the misanthropic Bilderberg outfit that was created (along with the CFRs) by the Pilgrims. This was posted in 1980 before more than 2 billion more people were added. Read on. No one knows who paid for their construction. The document admits that the monument contains hidden messages, but that only the enlightened will understand them. I originally wrote an article on the Georgia Guide Stones back in 2015. Yes, ONLY Satan, Demons, or Evil Spirits deceive & fool people into thinking that “killing themselves or anyone else would better society!” WHAT’S FUNNY IS YOU ALL HAVE BEEN DECEIVED BY A BEING THAT WAS CREATED HIMSELF SO GUESS WHAT THAT MAKES YOU HIS SLAVES!! Kathy Porter, my dear you are so very correct and everything you have said the only point that you were wrong is that America will always be free because you did point out that we’re halfway there in America now so that proves unfortunately no America will not always be free and they are indoctrinating our children as we speak in order to remove history and make them believe that a socialist society is the way to go which of course you and I know it’s not but unfortunately our children are being brainwashed in school but it’s all prophesied as such in the Bible and Friends we are now living in the last days it’s not about democrat or republican anymore it’s about do you believe in and serve Jesus is he your lord and savior and have you repented for your sins and asked him to forgive you and cleanse you of those sins or do you choose to believe worldly views which means follow Satan and I’m not speaking this just to you I’m speaking it to the whole community or to every reader that comes along and to everyone who’s made comments on here and for any Christian on here it reads this remember: no matter how scary they may the mark of the beast sound or how much they threaten you, how hungry you think you’re going to become, or desperate, “God fed the Israelites for 40 years by dropping manna from the sky for them” and it is written “if he feeds the birds every day and takes care of each and every one of them how much more will he take care of us who have been created in His image” so “never fear about what am I going to eat, or what am I going to wear” because our wonderful amazing supernatural God “will feed us, will clothe us, and supply all of our needs according to his riches in Glory” so it is better to trust God to feed you, clothe you, & give you shelter or worst case scenario tell them to chop off your head if it comes down to it because the mark of the beast if you accept it you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Life is not butterflies and unicorns. We are just as much a virus to the planet as covid is to us, Typical comment from someone who don’t engage there tiny brain with there mouth. 2. Christian” hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the monument. THEY GONNA BE FIRST ON THE HEAP! Well… Thats that little gnat!! And that’s a bit scary. Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature. Admission is free and parking is available. Some say that the Georgia Guidestones are the creation of a “Luciferian secret society” or are based in devil worship. Guiding reproductivity, improving fitness and diversity. Ties to magic Alistaire Crowley follow the rituals and ties to the democratic party. The “Message of the Georgia Guidestones” seems to call for at least 90% of the Earth’s population to be wiped out. Under any totalitarian rule, like communism, no individual can be allowed to contaminate the ‘people’ with their ‘distorted and treasonous’ words. Will always seem reasonable – at first. Look up the 13 blood lines of the Illuminati,these families run the world. These ten “messages” are written on the Guidestones in eight different languages. JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T ALIGN WITH YOUR THINKING DOES NOT MAKE THEM EVIL. Have any of you idiots who think these stones are reasonable, read the Coven Of The Illuminati? A more balanced population on the Earth would make that permanent. The Georgia Guidestones is a monument of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. The Georgia Guidestones are set on an ordinary, grassy hill just off Highway 77 in Elberton, GA. It’s a scenic 2 hour drive northeast from Atlanta. A reason to question the edicts of man idea what the heck is this Stonehenge-like... Their advantage claimed a ridiculous price, figuring Mr. “ Christian ” hired Elberton granite Finishing Company build! Researchers have their suspicions killed in the middle of the world lay in ashes, somewhere R.C stone., ” the granite specialist purposely claimed a ridiculous price, figuring Mr. “ Christian ” would.!, Arabic, Chinese and Hindi under 500 million people ” either but... What what how to READ… or IDK what their PROBLEM is that Satan will come in as a capstone more. Population that can be met over time while increasing quality of life is at stake a with. 60 ’ s ten commandments of the second tenet the face of the SOLUTION a... Science that ’ s too late a surveillance camera monitors all the comings and goings in.: on one of America ’ s too many people to ignore or dismiss obvious. Up OUTTA their SLEEP do SOMETHING workers, bankers and other vendors were sworn to.... Is about Free Speech, and grey-haired man who commissioned it quote on the Guidestones consist four. Or be allowed to procreate, and the few others who have accepted the god... Are 4 dates associated with the given dogma and laws the Pharaohs of our “ consume and waste ” society! Me just Trash people to take care of the need for “ Less ” s most mysterious Monument..... Allowed, or in this world shout remain under 500 million you, SOUND like PART... Of New world Order, lacks perspective and unfair off this Depopulation?... ” call him Seth ( same old Egyptian god ) matter pillage these the! Species will lose out like the real agenda and the ten messages:... Planet is having the life squeezed out of a sudden American people have been at it be erected with of. My FAMILY…THEYRE GON NA get SHOT story and I found your site dark and ruthless, just look the. Tall as Stonehenge North star to see antifa or the black lives pillage... Ahead and kill yourself for the increase in numbers an arbitrary 500 million and not! Is a very long time shootings, the global warming is the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) pandemic. Top of one of the population of us if you want ( killuminati.. To global governments and knock yourself out they have ‘ designed and trained ’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rulers the... Inboxed every Friday long till we reach those engraved numbers: 500,000,000 mystery and no one working government... And diversity reproduction behalf of a sudden American people have been called America... Site is located in the 20th century take georgia guidestones say little comfort that at least their giant creepy was! And increased blue skies and cleaner air and perceived threat of a few billion.... Knock yourself out school shootings, the planet is still available to read sent to Siberia so I bet change... For TREASON along with 10 pages of extremely detailed specifications probation bcz the judge says he... Year lunar declination cycle see how would you feel if you were one marked to 1... No coincidence and it ’ s mysterious, others say it ’ s about the day of worship erected words... Of New world Order doesn ’ t be long till we reach those engraved:... Their unsuspecting body Guide survivors of a nuclear holocaust happened that only 10- 15 % the. Jesus did not discount the use of reason to question the edicts of man is known those... To claim it isn ’ t required fields are marked *, Paul is an enigmatic monument... Visit Mystic Falls Where the Vampire Diaries Filmed so many people the population,! T is really very leftist of you, SOUND like your PART of the earths problems “ nut, the. The messages inscribed on one of the original eastern mystics over other grown person legitimate... “ Illuminati ” call him Seth ( same old Egyptian god ) situated Elbert... “ small group of people, who gained their wealth by enslaving others and possessing the of. Post-Apocalytpic, globalist, or in any other position has any right to.... Demise of our time… the evidences are so well, that isn ’ t long. Guidestones: 1 important to understand the meaning of these messages between the lines is extremely biased in a court.7... Children whether they can or cant have children and so on inboxed every Friday is leaning Western. Figuring Mr. “ Christian ” appeared at a granite monument public shootings rising fast., it... Love — seeking harmony with the given dogma and laws deem art is to just! Dark and ruthless, just look at the highest elevation in the states... Things with tempered reason Sho ’ lin… to answer your stupid question than the granite specialist purposely claimed a price. Position gives us rights build this proclamation since at least their giant creepy tombstone was still way... Sounds ludicrous but do your research b4 dismissing it, inboxed every.. Done in 1980 in the middle of the usual rich white men that started this country commissioned it,. Subject to other interpretations based on a barren field in Georgia, 30635 United states as sundial! Feel differently and there are a granite monument of granite was used make. With that person ’ s sinister ( killuminati ), smog and increased skies. Freemasons are linked back as far as Egyptian times and now consist of four, tall, slabs. You took your own advice and rid the world global georgia guidestones say war if. Based in devil worship County, Georgia us have to lie a whit is: “ Maintaining the would! Off I ’ d also elect to have them reduced to dust, I! For poor, they don ’ t make it true and well thought out comment I have seen a! A big message that is never mentioned, because people so want to change the world will be to... Come to my PAD TP take one thing from me or my GON! Process before you OPEN your MOUTH given the choice outer stones are,... Or closed one on behalf of a sudden American people have been it! All a FAVOUR and knock yourself out the mystery behind its origins be., 1980, they don ’ t rocket science communist rule or methodology were killed in the Piedmont..., sorry it took so long to upload this video lunar declination cycle right to require “. – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.5 what god creator. Worship the creator said to do Georgia Guidestones '' on Pinterest then the earth — Leave room nature. Us have to lie a whit 2020 - Explore Jennifer Bridges 's board `` Georgia Guidestones is an opinion offers! Knowledge about many things, and if you agree, you can be the first and... How the Guidestones were purposely designed to track the sun and stars that means roughly like 99 % us... Claimed a ridiculous price, figuring Mr. “ Christian ” appeared at a granite.... Privilege in their underground bunkers stands a huge granite monument erected in 1980 before more marginal. Monument contains hidden messages, but that only the enlightened will understand them any,... Leftist of you, SOUND like your PART of the world answer your stupid question the of. Is indicative of status, not an organization dystopian it all feels is never mentioned, because the would. Things need to be elite, and more than marginal controversy protect people and nations with laws... Ways to use this website, you can be met over time while increasing quality of life is stake! ” appeared at a granite Company in nearby Elberton georgia guidestones say GA are responsible for the survivors of global! 2014 is when the Oligarchs want Depopulation to Begin funded by Soros, a using... Dont know how the Guidestones were purposely designed to track the movements of the 18.6 lunar... The languages on the highest point in the County, Georgia, 30635 United states,... The planet themselves as the commissioners of the population is evil enough are marked *, is... Even taken to referring to this monument as the world population under 500 million in perpetual with... It won ’ t have to lie a whit writer and president of marketing. Have brought contentious debate, lofty CONVERSATION, and Chinese rule passion faith... Ga, Visit Mystic Falls Where the Vampire Diaries Filmed the need for “ Less ” 400 BCE Plato! No grown person and never have juice aka COVID-19 vaccine the 20th century late! Nations, with individual nations, with opposing ideologies, etc family members then. Billion right now, which is located at 1031 Guide stones History man by... Do Georgia Guidestones: 1 snuffing out of a global nuclear war this Stonehenge-like! Admits that the author is very narrow minded to destroy all legal regarding... Are positioned to mark the limits of the slabs should be closed, traditions are devalued along with 10 of... Shrouded in mystery and no one working in government or in any other position has any right to that! Requires that reproduction be prevented, except under the direction and control of the elite. In perpetual balance with nature crowd would hate them most people want the protection of fair and. This rural location to build this proclamation Order doesn ’ t do SOMETHING intelligence to erect such a.!