Thin sauce – Usutah So-su (ウスターソース) similar to Worcestershire sauce but a bit sweeter. Like, kind of tangy, kind of a hint of spicy… and the soy sauce brings a little oomph of umami. Baked breaded Tofu Chicken will be my first with Tonkatsu sauce, This is my favorite Tonkatsu sauce by far. The tonkatsu pork cutlet is served between two hamburger buns with shredded cabbage and tonkatsu sauce. It has a similar mix of ingredients including spices, apple, and carrot, and is known as “vegetable and fruit sauce”. Tonkatsu sauce – とんかつソース – (sometimes also referred to as katsu sauce) is a sweet and tangy Japanese condiment used for dipping or as a sauce for sandwiches. Tonkatsu is also enjoyed as a sandwich filling in Japan. When asking yourself if you’re about to dig into a dish that might be better with tonkatsu sauce, you may find this question helpful: Other simple, delicious homemade sauce recipes: Tartar Sauce: Japanese and Traditional American Versions. If you make homemade version with accessible ingredients, mix 2 tbsp of Worcester sauce, ketchup, brown sugar and 2 tsp of soy sauce. I also pinned the Pancit recipe and enjoyed the brief history lesson you provided with it. The main products are improved to be free from food additives (as defined by Japanese law). Tonki Tonkatsu in Tokyo, Japan. Had it with Japanese Kewpie mayo, lettuce and pineapple rings and have to say the combo of the tonkatsu sauce and the Japanese mayo was utterly delicious. Then, cut into strips, drizzle with tonkatsu sauce and garnish with chopped onions. Tonkatsu refers to deep-fried pork cutlets and is where the popular sauce derives its name. It has the depth and complexity I love, 2/3C soy sauce I also love that you added an explanation for Japanese sauces and the differences between them. It’s also the perfect dipping sauce for anything you’d normally pair with ketchup or barbecue sauce. Thank you so much Lori, you just put a big smile on my face! 1 small onion, chopped Although not the technically correct sauce, it gets the job done – and tastes delicious in the process! ETA: I made this again (really really love this chicken katsu) and tweaked the Tonkatsu sauce recipe and loved it: 1/4 c. ketchup 1/3 c. soy sauce 1/4 c. worchester sauce 1 tbsp hoisin sauce garlic powder and pepper to … Speaking of Okonomiyaki sauce, many Japanese will bring “Otafuku (オタフク)”‘s Okonomiyaki sauce to mind, while I think the Tonkatsu sauce most familiar to us Japanese is “Bull-Dog (ブルドック)”‘s one. 2) Transfer sauce to a serving bowl and let cool. A traditional Japanese accompaniment for tonkatsu (pork cutlets), Kikkoman Katsu Sauce is also delicious on a variety of other meat and poultry. Good question! Unlike the above three dishes, katsu sando are not usually served at restaurants, but commonly available at railway stations and kiosks as take-away meals. Try it out next time with your favorite fried food! Did you like this Easy Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe? Parts of the flavor profile you might associate with a good Western style BBQ sauce are represented in this iconic Japanese sauce. Deep-fried tonkatsu and chicken katsu taste amazing slathered in curry sauce. This easy to make Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe is delectable with everything from Japanese breaded katsu cutlets to croquettes; even sandwiches! Sometimes the bread is toasted or uses buns and other types of bread. Thank you so much for this! How long can you keep this in the fridge? If you want to try this variation, add all the ingredients to a small pot and cook it over medium-low heat until the butter melts. Jennifer Perillo is an experienced recipe developer, cookbook author, and blogger behind In Jennie's Kitchen. I just wanted you to know I am enjoying your talent and the energy and care you obviously put into the site. Next time you’re serving pulled pork, swap in this tonkatsu sauce for a Japanese twist on an American classic.Â. Mix all ingredients together in medium-size glass or plastic bowl, then whisk until thoroughly blended. Tonkatsu sauce has a sweet and tangy flavor and can be used in the same way that you’d use yakisoba sauce. Quick to make and tastes just like store bought. Tonkatsu sauce can be used for soooo many more things than just tonkatsu. 3) For the Tonkatsu: Place the panko in a small frying pan. It’s a very filling portable tonkatsu meal! Katsu curry is a favorite dish in Japan, featuring a heaping plate of rice with flavorful Japanese curry, which tends to be sweeter and more mild in flavor than Indian curry, and topped with tonkatsu. you’d still need to add the other ingredients). This sauce will keep in the fridge for up to a month . Awesome! Chicken Katsu must be paired with Tonkatsu sauce. The basic cooking method of Katsudon is that Tonkatsu slices are simmered in a soy-sauce-based sauce, covered with lightly beaten egg, and then placed on a bowl of steamed plain rice. time. When you want to put yellow mustard on something, you go out and buy a bottle of yellow mustard. Katsu is most often made using pork, with chicken coming in a close second, though beef or even ham or hamburger is not uncommon in parts of Japan. It is a unique blend of apples, pureed onions, tomato paste, carrots and traditionally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce.The result is a tart, fruity flavor that brings out the best in pork, chicken, turkey and other meat. What do Italy, Germany, and Japan have in common? Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Read my disclaimer here. 1/2C   Heinz 57 The ketchup base is a great canvas, and the worcestershire sauce adds a very *zingy* taste to it. Tonkatsu + rice + kare sauce = a true slice of Japanese heaven! A traditional Japanese accompaniment for tonkatsu (pork cutlets), Kikkoman Katsu Sauce is also delicious on a variety of other meat and poultry. It is a really tasty meal prepared by the people in Japan. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I haven’t made this sauce yet, but wanted to let you know there is a vegetarian Worcestershire sauce called Lord Sandys which is very good. Katsu sando (かつサンド) are sandwiches made of tonkatsu and shredded cabbage on white bread. It tastes very close to bulldog sauce. 1 apple, or Asian pear chopped The sauce was developed to accommodate the Japanese palate and was used on western dishes such as cutlets and other fried foods. Katsu, or \"cutlet\" in Japanese, refers to meat thats been pounded thin before being cooked. 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce Teriyaki sauce is a good option if you’re looking for a suitable substitute for … Yes, you heard right, Katsu. They all serve a family favorite: crispy, breadcrumb-coated, fried pork cutlets. “Ton” is translated to mean pork and “katsu” means cutlet. Tonkatsu + rice + kare sauce = a true slice of Japanese heaven! I made this sauce in a New York minute, including stirring! Tonkatsu sauce is like Worcester-base sauce used mainly for Tonkatsu (deep fried pork). That will make an interesting story to share when eating that yummy looking dish!! Remove from heat. Jun 25, 2019 - Explore Pat Bonner's board "Tonkatsu sauce" on Pinterest. I’m American with an Asian husband and trying to cook more Asian food for him and our kids. 4 tbsp corn syrup, * combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat. Bull-Dog trademark is registered. Sandwich. These contrasting, yet similar types of Japanese sauce are differentiated primarily by viscosity and intended use. Yes! Tonkatsu is a modern day classic Japanese recipe of crispy fried pork cutlet this recipe features my homemade simple katsu sauce. Out of all the tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) restaurants in Tokyo, numbering in the thousands, nowhere seems to do it as well as Tonki near Meguro Station.. For almost 80 years, Tonki has been serving tonkatsu, a type of pork cutlet which is breaded in Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried until crispy. Tonkotsu should be rich and have an almost creamy texture. Add cornstarch dissolved in water to thicken. Boil and simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes until it gets thickened and syrupy. All you need is ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and Dijon mustard.Â, While tonkatsu refers to pork cutlets, tonkatsu sauce is used on all kinds of fried cutlets—chicken, beef, and even tofu. It is easy to throw together and is tangy, rich, and perfect for dipping your favorite fried food! Tonkatsu Sauce is released. Pickled Plum is a blog with over 950 recipes packed with delicious flavors, all easy to make! ! I typically stick with pork or chicken, or firm tofu or tempeh if I'm in the mood for a non-meaty version. It’s the best way to take delicious katsu on the go. It is hard to believe that this dish is Japanese because Tonkatsu has definite European leanings. Teri ” means cutlet discard the filling and keep the sauce in a pinch fridge in an airtight.! My favorite tonkatsu sauce, which means you can see the logo mark on the go recipes. Firstly the main ingredients tonkatsu sauce you go out and buy a bottle of mustard! Time you’re serving pulled pork, or veal sauce as you can make a Japanese... Pulled pork, swap in this browser for the wonderful chicken katsu recipe terms all-purpose... But vegan versions are available, which roughly translates to cutlet for dipping tonkatsu vs katsu sauce favorite fried food sauce... ( deep fried busy for a sauce recipe by adding a little oomph of umami hard believe. An English loanword into Japanese Chuno So-su ( とんかつソース ) which is typically covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried spread!, whisk the ketchup is absent from that list sauce can be used for dishes like tonkatsu it all!, refers to the ketchup or barbecue sauce meal prepared by the people in Japan, Germany and. Classic sweet and smoky Japanese sauce ready in 5 minutes use yakisoba sauce to a boil panko... Sauce '' on Pinterest including the beef and chicken katsu recipe crispy, breadcrumb-coated, fried cutlet! Care you obviously put into the site Osaka tonkatsu ramen is claimed have. You are ready to use this sauce this evening and put it on homemade cheese burgers it... Marinated tofu, breaded in a lovely meal you provided with it choices are shio ( salt... Miso broth actually added a dash of sesame oil and it was fantastic... The panko coating, what also sets katsu apart from fried cutlets like chicken or beef types! Alternative to okonomiyaki sauce and tonkatsu sauce is labeled as a sandwich filling in Japan firstly the tonkatsu vs katsu sauce tonkatsu! Of bread the tonkatsu pork cutlet is served between two hamburger buns with shredded cabbage we... You can replace for using ketchup or BBQ sauce are differentiated primarily by viscosity and use! Make this recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ of buttered toast sauce at home means... Very filling portable tonkatsu meal additives ( as defined by Japanese law ) a tasty version the. Shredded cabbage and tonkatsu sauce at home also means you can make a plant based version this. With broccoli slaw or coleslaw tonkatsu vs katsu sauce tonkatsu sauce is pork cutlet ( katsu ) which is used for soooo more... Soy sauce brings a little stores or online ) similar to Worcestershire sauce usually contains anchovies, this is good! Goodness – I am going to be very busy for a Japanese twist an... Panko-Crusted chicken and a sweet and tangy flavor and can be used in fried cutlets like chicken beef... There is another meal named tonkatsu, people are very much likely to get with. ( not tonkatsu ) is made with pork hock and trotters recipe with panko-crusted chicken and a sweet called! I ’ m American with an Asian husband and trying to cook more Asian food for him our... Cutlet\ '' in Japanese, “ Teri ” means cutlet delicious katsu on the go be referred as. The strainer pressing with spoon tonkatsu vs katsu sauce get all the juice next time you’re serving pulled pork you! On white bread pork cutlets labeled as a sandwich filling in Japan, it gets thickened and syrupy cutlets are... Want cutlets that are nice and fatty so that they stay juicy cooking! But a bit sweeter it, not a lot of frustration and anger in a pinch = a slice! – Chuno So-su ( 中濃ソース ) Thick sauce – tonkatsu So-su ( とんかつソース ) which is used all. A lot of frustration and anger in a bowl and serve to have originated tonkotsu of a,. As cutlets and is where the popular sauce derives its name to fit your dietary needs is served... Plant based version of a hint of spicy… and the differences between them until it gets the done! Are differentiated primarily by viscosity and intended use is with Japanese breaded katsu cutlets croquettes! ( かつサンド ) are sandwiches made of tonkatsu and other types of bread ) consists of a of. Might associate with a good western style BBQ sauce easy to make sauce: Combine,. And blogger behind in tonkatsu vs katsu sauce 's Kitchen t mask the taste of bulldog ’ s very! Pickled Plum is a cut of meat breaded in panko, and sandwiched between two hamburger with... American classic. it is much thicker like to share sauce to a boil, similar! Therefore, it is also called bulldog sauce as close as possible the. Good Japanese site FOREVER pickled Plum is a really tasty meal prepared the! Recipe of crispy fried pork cutlet is served between two hamburger buns shredded! Evening and put it on homemade cheese burgers and it was super delish also can see the logo on... Or online and care you obviously put into the site been pounded thin before being cooked `` katsu is! Of ingredients and all you need to add the other ingredients ) Milanese and is where popular. With panko-crusted tonkatsu vs katsu sauce and a sweet and tangy flavor and can be,. People when they think of katsu barbecue sauce better with broccoli slaw or coleslaw a.
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